Zoiper Softphone Configuration Guide

You can download free Zoiper PC Phone clicking here.

Once the file is downloaded, run the VoIP Softphone setup executable file and follow the prompts from the install wizard. Click Finish to complete the installation. Do not upgrade the software. (you can disable checking for updates at Options/ General Options link)

Follow the steps below to configure your VoIP account.

1.) Right click on any part of Zoiper PC Phone software and select "Options".

2.) Select "Add New SIP Account " option enter VoIPVoIP and click "OK"

x-ten configuration step1


3.) Enter your VoIPVoIP account settings as follows:

- Domain: sip3.voipvoip.com ( VoIP VoIP softphone server information)

- User Name : (Your 10 digit VoIP VoIP account starting with 555)

- Password : ( same password used to login to your VoIPVoIP account )

- Caller ID name : Your Name

Please fill your information accordingly and click "Apply" and than "OK" buton. Once you see "Registered" you are ready to make calls.

x-ten configuration step1


For international calls, dial 011 followed by the country code and number, then press the green button. For domestic U.S. calls, just dial 1 + the area code and number then the green button.

Problems? Please click here for our voip troubleshooter.