What is Virtual Number?

Virtual Number is a real phone number from any 40+ countries that can ring on your VoIP line or can be forwarded to your existing phone.

How does it work?

VoIPVoIP assigns every customer an unique VoIP account number (e.g. 555-123-1234) which is also used as a phone number to receive FREE calls from other VOIPVoIP users. There are no monthly fees for this VOIP phone number but you cannot receive calls from traditional and mobile phones with this number.

If you would like to receive calls from any phone in the world you need to buy a Virtual Phone Number. Virtual Numbers are aliases for your VoIPVoIP account number that traditional phones can connect to.

Virtual Numbers are inexpensive phone numbers from the country of your choice that ring to your VoIPVoIP service, wherever you are in the world.

Receiving calls with virtual US Phone Number

You can get a virtual US phone number living anywhere in the world with the area code of your choice and receive calls just like you are in US.

If you are living in US, adding US Virtual Number or Toll Free Number to your VoIP service, you can replace your phone company and even keep your phone number transferring to VoIPVoIP for free.

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Receiving calls with International Phone Number

You can also get a local phone number from any of 40+ countries of your choice, living in any country in the world and have your family, friends, or business associates call you dialing a local number. Whether they're across the country or across the globe, they can call you like you're right next door.

This way they pay for only a local call in their country to reach you anywhere in the world.

Learn more about International Virtual Numbers.

International Virtual Phone Numbers Coverage & Availibility

You can use our service in any country in the world.

The countries that you can have a virtual phone number from are listed on the right side menu. Click on the country to see the available area codes for that country. Please note that our coverage is continuously expanding so check regularly for updates.

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