Acrobits G729 CodecAcrobits

If you are using your phone over 3G Internet connection, for better voice quality you need to have G729 codec on your acrobits softphone.

The Acrobits Softphone is the leading SIP VoIP phone for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. By developing VoIP technology for the iPhone, Acrobits provides a bridge for VoIP providers to access the lucrative iPhone segment and deliver their service to iPhone users. With great features such as Push Notifications, Bluetooth Support and in-app access to your iPhone contacts, the Softphone is the solution for SIP users on the iPhone. Now available in the iTunes App Store.

Here you can find G729 codec add on settings for your Acrobits softphone.


To purchase the G.729 codec, open the Acrobits softphone on your phone and select the Settings option and choose Add-ons.

Acrobits other SIP settings 1



From Add-ons options select G.729 Annex A Codec. You can purchase the Codec from within the Acrobits softphone.

Acrobits other SIPconfiguration



Once you have made your purchase, you can set the codecs so that only low bandwidth codec G.729 is enabled.

Acrobits other SIP setup



To change the codec options, select settings followed by 'SIP Accounts'. Then select VoIPVoIP followed by 'Advanced Settings', where you can select either 'Codecs for WiFi' or 'Codes for 3G'.

Acrobits other SIP configuration



To enable and disable codecs, drag-and drop the codecs.

Acrobits other SIP configuration